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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

A disease that affects more than 2.1 million people globally, Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive autoimmune disease that degrades the protective barriers and physical immune defenses that guard the nervous system. The body’s immune system views its own nervous tissues as a foregin body and attacks it as if it were a common virus or infection. As the disease progresses through the body’s defense system, it breaks into the nervous system, which regulates all movements in the body. A compromised nervous system can affect one's vision, ability to walk or talk, and any other motor skill and bodily function initiated by the nervous system. I am blessed to still be able to walk, talk, and function independently, but many others who have MS do not have the same ability and autonomy.


The Mission


I am standing for those who no longer have the ability to stand. I am providing an outlet and a voice for those who have lost theirs to this illness. I am creating a vision of a world with a cure for those who have lost their sense of sight. My mission is to generate financial support for the scientists, doctors, and institutes working relentlessly to find a cure for this by generating a voice and a wave that weaves communities together across the globe. 


Meet Ashley Norton

A brave, healed, authentic, leader

Ashley is a fitness coach, entrepreneur and mom based in Seattle. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2017 she has made it her mission to find a cure for the disease. She is committed to creating a movement to find a cure for MS by becoming an Iron(wo)man, documenting her journey and raising money for The Grace Foundation. 

How to 

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Donate to Ashley's

her story

Donate to The
Grace Foundation

Keep updated on Ashley's journey by following along on Instagram and Facebook

Support Ashley directly by helping with the cost for gear to compete in the Ironman

Ashley is pending approval on her 501(c)(3). While she is waiting please donate to The Go Fund Me Page 

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