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To enroll the World in supporting this movement

I am committed to creating and growing a movement to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), by becoming an Ironman, documenting my journey and raising money for The Grace Foundation along the way.


My mission is to generate financial support for the scientists, doctors, and institutes working relentlessly to find a cure for MS by generating a voice that weaves communities together across the globe. When we stand together as allies, as advocates, we inspire those who have found themselves feeling helpless to this disease. This is exactly why I want none other than motivational speaker, author and minister ERIC THOMAS to support me in creating this vision.

Eric Thomas has always been the beacon of light that has lit me up when I did not think there was any hope left. His words have stood as the motivation for me to get out of the bed in the morning and the driving force as to why I am becoming an Ironman. His messages to the world relay inspiration to find the will to keep fighting no matter how hard your situation gets. His wife, Dede, also has MS. I cannot think of better supporters than Eric and Dede Thomas to hold me high in my vision.


I stand as a tribute to the endless possibilities available to those who have had so much taken from them. I stand as a beacon of light against the limiting beliefs of doubt and resignation that this disease defaults to. I am choosing to live a life with intention, and am here to help others claim their own power against this disease.  



Please join my in my journey to become the only woman in history to do an Ironman with Multiple Sclerosis and 2 pacemakers 

 A setback is a setup for a comeback.

Eric Thomas

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